Bowling green project 'ready to roll'

Momentous decisions were made at the March Council meeting of Euxton Parish Council to move forward with the development of the Bowling Green.

Contractors for works were chosen and they will be booked in to start as soon as they are available.

Euxton has been pressing for a Bowling Green for many years and now it will have one by the end of Summer.

Of course, Euxton did have Bowling Greens at the former Euxton ROF Social Club site and there are still bowling clubs named Euxton playing on greens in surrounding areas but they have long since gone when the club was wound up.

This new facility will be able to cater for match bowling, social, expert to novice bowling from young to old residents. Constructed next to an already established pavilion building on Greenside it will have the facilities a Bowling Club would need to compete in the league.

Councillor John Bamber, who is the Chairman of the Euxton Parish Council Bowling Committee was asked to comment on the progress made at the meeting, he said;

“I am eager to see the project started – the Parish Council has been working hard finding a way to deliver such an amenity for the village and we are now looking forward to seeing the project enter its final stage, construction – before it is played on.

The Parish Council over the last few years has delivered on a number of large projects, one being the skate park facility on Southport Road which has proved to be a popular success, albeit with a younger generation than myself…   Now we will be delivering a facility which will cater for a different sport, a little more sedate, but still popular with both young and old.”
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