Future of Recreation Provision in Euxton

Future of Recreation Provision in Euxton

21st of August, 2020

This is an opportunity for Euxton residents to report on the quality of its recreation and input with ideas of what you would like to see in Euxton. In years to come the information gathered by this survey will steer future changes - so don't miss this opportunity.

The research is being conducted by Chorley, South Ribble Council and Preston Councils to find out how its open spaces are used and thought of and what can be done to improve them. There are two surveys; a communities survey and a children’s survey, both of which can be accessed below.

The results of this survey will serve as a key evidence base to inform future strategic planning and decision-making processes for open spaces.

On this survey you can feed in locations and information about your local park:

To complete the communities survey click here.

This is a survey for the children to fill out:

To complete the children's survey click here