Euxton Green belt under new threat from house building

Euxton Green belt under new threat from house building

24th of August, 2020

This may well happen if you don’t read on and take action…

Out now is a ‘call for sites’1 process, which is an invitation for anyone to submit details of a site in our village of Euxton, and a suggested use for that site.

The ‘Call for Sites’ process is also open to land agencies, builders and developers to suggest ANY area of land to be re-classified for ‘housing land’.

Because of the numbers of houses approved under the current Chorley Local Plan, allocated land for building is now low and for this Local Plan Review process, more areas within Chorley (as a whole) WILL be identified for housing.

This puts Euxton’s Green belt at risk

Euxton is an attractive place for house building (as you are witnessing) because it has many amenities and local facilities many other villages outside of Chorley don’t – such as, excellent access to two major motorways, two railway stations, buses, shops, schools, doctors, dentist and the list goes on.

But being so appealing sometimes attracts the wrong sort of attention which you may feel we can do without, such as even more housing projects. And if there are no more plots left the Green belt fields may be next to be assessed in the sites investigation process.

What can you do…

Go to the ‘Call For Sites’ website, choose a piece of Green belt you would like to see protected and remain Green belt and complete the form then, tell your neighbour to do the same.

We must stand together for this Local Plan Review and protect our fields now before they are re-classified as ‘ideal building land’

This is a link to the information and the form - do this before Friday, 9th November 2018 -

Green belt areas at risk

Fields between Pear Tree Lane & Whinney Lane and over to Westway, land behind Limes Avenue, The Croft, Shawbrook Close, Fieldside Avenue and others

Final thought…

The plans we make today affect those who come after us, your children and their children. We need to plan for their future, “putting a little effort in now could make a difference to their future”.

1 Central Lancashire Local Plan Review consultation, 

Euxton Parish Council T. 01257 234004 E.[email protected]