Local Boundaries and Representation

Local Boundaries and Representation

31st of August, 2023

Local Boundaries and Representation

In the last few years there have been some changes in some of the electoral ward boundaries and the recently approved parliamentary boundary changes have added to some confusions for residents.

Below is listed information about where you live and who represents you.

Euxton is served by a number of levels of Government. We have covered any changes in our newsletters previously, when there have been consultations or changes but, here is a reminder.

~ A Parish or Town Council (Local Council) is closest to the people and often operate on a village footprint. Here it's Euxton Parish Council.

~ Above this is a Borough Council operating a whole district, Chorley Council controls from town centre, outward to its outlying villages. 

~ Next up is a County Council which for us is Lancashire County Council, which has a whole Lancashire footprint.

~ Then there is Government where we elect an MP (member of parliament) to represent us in the Houses of Parliament where Government is run from.

Chorley Borough Council underwent an electoral boundary review which was enacted at the 2021 elections (after the 2020 elections were moved to 2021). This review presented some issues for Euxton as it was separated into three different Borough areas, with three different sets of 3 councillors (that’s 9) looking after Euxton - 3 in each ward area.

Euxton is divided into 3 Chorley wards - each having 3 Councillor representatives, called:

Euxton;   Buckshaw & Whittle;   Croston, Mawdesley & Euxton South

Chorley Council ward boundaries map - see attached document

Euxton Parish Council was reviewed in the same Electoral boundary review as Chorley and was split to align to Chorley's wards.  Euxton's wards, containing 18 Councillors changed to below:

Euxton;   Euxton South;  Euxton Buckshaw

Euxton Parish Council three ward boundaries map - see attached document

Lancashire County Council structure is slightly simpler as the whole of Euxton is within one area, called a division, which is covered by one County Councillor and this division is called Euxton, Buckshaw & Astley.

Lancashire County Council Division of Euxton, Buckshaw & Astley map - see attached document

Member of Parliament (MP) this is a higher level of representation and your elected MP sits as a member of Government at Westminster. Currently Euxton is within the  'Chorley' constituency, covered by one MP. In late June 2023, after a few rounds of consultations, which were covered in our newsletters, the new parliamentary boundary structure was agreed.

The 'Euxton South' part of Euxton, which was put in a neighbouring Chorley Council ward (see above) will now fall into the South Ribble constituency, with the remainder of Euxton in the same constituency as before. 

These changes of course will not happen until the next General Election - which is when the whole country goes to election to choose new MPs who then go on to form the next Government.

Parliamentary boundary map - approved June 2023 which will be implemented at the next general election. Two maps below for information or you could visit the Government site, choose Chorey in the drop down list at: HERE

Parliamentary boundary maps - see attached document

All the elected representatives are featured on all the parish councils noticeboards - all the 18 parish councillors, 9 borough and county councillor and MPs details, These are updated whenever there is a change of Councillor/ward/details etc.  The newsletters often runs articles explaining the work and roles of Euxton parish/borough/county/MP's. More is available on the parish councils website.

If you want to know who represents your area at any of these levels click here