Euxton Parish Council

Euxton Parish is in the Borough of Chorley in Lancashire. It is situated to the west of Chorley town and comprises the large, mainly residential village of Euxton and the area about it, most of which is countryside and greenbelt. The Parish does, however, also include a large part of Buckshaw Village, a large, new, dynamic and still in progress mixed development on the site of the former Euxton Royal Ordnance factory (other parts of Buckshaw are in Whittle-le-Woods Parish).

Parish and town councils are the foundation of local government. They are the level of government closest to the people and have a vital role to play in improving local quality of life. They can influence decisions that affect local people, help bring life to local communities and offer a way of making sure services meet the needs of residents.

Euxton Parish Council has eighteen members advised by a parish clerk who is the Council's financial officer and administrator, responsible for implementing the Council's decisions, liaising with residents and outside bodies, keeping records, preparing minutes etc. The Council also employs three part time linesmen, or village caretakers, who are a very visible presence around the Parish.

The other pages on this website will tell you more about Euxton and the work of its Parish Council.

Latest News

Expert Planning Consultant employed to fight Gladman
Council last night (21/7/16) approved to fund an expert planning consultant to respond to the Gladman planning application for houses 'outside of the approved LDF plan' in partnership with the residen...

Added: 2016-07-22

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Lane Closures in Euxton delayed
Update from Network Rail about the remedial works to solve the flooding under School Lane and Euxton Lane rail bridges - closures of these two Lanes is now delayed from starting in July and finishing ...

Added: 2016-07-22

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