Parish Meetings in Euxton

Tuesday, 21st April 2015 at 7pm
in the Annexe Building, Euxton PC Community Centre

Parish Meeting or Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting for the village is normally held between the 1 March and 1 June and the electors are invited to attend also representatives of any interested local organisations are welcome to come and present information or an update on their group. The date for this meeting is normally posted on Euxton Parish Council's noticeboards and published in the quarterly newsletter if the publication date is convenient.

The Annual Parish Meeting is not an Euxton Parish Council meeting. Its sole purpose is 'a meeting of the electorate' at which the electorate can talk about any parish issues they wish.

It should be noted that issues appertaining to Euxton Parish Council's business, projects etc should be referred to the Council rather than waiting for a Parish Meeting which are normally only annually.

More information regarding Parish Meetings / Annual Parish Meetings can be found below the tables of minutes.

Minutes of the meeting are presented at the following Annual Parish Meeting.

  Tuesday, 21st April 2015 Annual Parish Meeting
Agenda Tuesday, 15 July 2014 Annual Parish Meeting
  Thursday, 25 April 2013 Annual Parish Meeting
  Thursday, 31 May 2012 Annual Parish Meeting
  Thursday, 14 April 2011 Annual Parish Meeting
  Thursday, 22 April 2010 Annual Parish Meeting
  April 2009 Annual Parish Meeting
  April 2008 Annual Parish Meeting
  April 2007 Annual Parish Meeting
  April 2006 Annual Parish Meeting
  April 2005 Annual Parish Meeting
  April 2004 Annual Parish Meeting


More information regarding Parish Meetings / Annual Parish Meetings can be found below:

Governance Toolkit for Parish & Town Councils

Local Government Association  

Extracts from the Governance Toolkit for Parish & Town Councils. This is a guidance document and not law. Pages 56 and 57.

The Conduct of the Annual Town or Parish Meeting  

The Legal Background

To comply with the Local Government Act 1972, the Parish Annual Meeting must take place between 1 March and 1 June (both inclusive) in each year. The meeting cannot start before 6pm. The Annual Parish Meeting is not the Parish Council’s AGM.

All parish electors are entitled to attend the Parish Meeting and vote. The Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 provides for the general public and the press to attend.

The Chair of the Council (or in his absence the Vice-Chair) must preside if present. If they are not present, the meeting may appoint a Chair for the meeting.

At least seven clear days’ public notice must be given (not including Sat/Sun/Bank Holidays etc). Fourteen days’ notice must be given if the agenda includes any of the following items:

The notice must specify the business to be done. It must be signed by the Chair or any two Parish Councillors or, if necessary, six electors may act as convenors.

The expenses of the meeting are paid by the Parish Council.

There are some resolutions of a Parish Meeting that are necessary to, or binding on the Parish Council. These are:

Under the Charities Act 1960 the accounts of parochial charities must be laid by the council before the Parish Meeting.

No method of voting at the meeting is laid down. Any convenient method may be used, but a poll (i.e. a vote of the whole body of electors by ballot) may be claimed before the end of the meeting and must be held if demanded by ten persons present, or one-third of those present (whichever is the less), or if the Chair consents. The poll is conducted by a Returning Officer appointed by the District Council.

Things to Think About

There is no point publicising a meeting with nothing to discuss, or organising an interesting meeting without proper publicity.

The aim should be to make the meeting a social occasion as well as a formal occasion and make people feel that they are important in their village or town.

The Agenda

It is important to frame the agenda so that everyone who has some public standing in the locality has an appointed time when they can tell the meeting what they are doing. The County Councillor and District Councillor should be invited to speak; there should be a report on the activities of the Parish Council; the trustees of local charities should be given their opportunity, as might representatives of bodies such as the village hall committee, the Women’s Institute or local sports clubs. This is an excellent opportunity for them to publicise their activities and their friends will be glad to support them. A non-elector may always speak during a meeting with consent. Consent of the meeting should be treated as having been given if there is no objection.

Accounts which are presented to the meeting should be topical. It is better to exhibit recent unaudited accounts than to produce audited statements which are nearly always a year old and therefore largely irrelevant.

Outside speakers can be invited. These could be local government officials or experts on matters likely to be of local interest.

It is useful to include a particular local public issue on the agenda, something important or controversial, e.g. a village plan; planting trees on the green; the expansion of an airport; more houses; water or sewerage schemes; the amalgamation of charities; removal of telephone kiosks and post-offices; bus and train services; commons; clearing the churchyard. On the other hand, it is sensible to restrict the number of controversial issues to be raised at any one meeting.




A Parish Poll is not an Euxton Parish Council function or responsibility and the results here are published for information only

3 June 2011

Result of the Poll

Q1. Do you think Cllr John Matson should resign as Parish Council Chairman?

Yes: 146 1.8% of electorate

No: 87

Q2. Do you think that Cllr John Matson should resign from his role as Parish Councillor?

Yes: 144 1.8% of electorate

No: 89

Turnout 236 voters. Electorate 7,753