News articles by Euxton Parish Council

Busy Skip Day Event

25th of April, 2022

Massive thanks to Euxton Councillors and staff and Chorley Council officers for helping at the VERY busy Skip day on Saturday. From opening the gates we had the first skip filled and doors closed on it at 10.12am and a further 2 more ski...

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Parish Councillor vacancies

13th of April, 2022

Following the full Parish Council election, there remains two seats vacant in the Euxton Buckshaw ward. The advert shows the deadlines and some details but more information on the vacancy process can be found on the website

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Parish Council election news

6th of April, 2022

The following persons have been elected to Euxton Parish Council: Euxton BV ward:  Cllr Hall, K Reed, Riggott Euxton ward: Cllr Fellows, Hamer, E Jones, Oddy, Patterson, Peers, Rigg, Tune, Walker, B Williamson, J Williamso...

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